Mining Consulting


Artisanal & Small-scale Mining Policy

With particular expertise in artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM), MutConsult has experience drafting policy and regulations for ASM-sector formalization for government agencies around the world – including Nigeria, Rwanda and Colombia among others. We help design practical, cost-effective interventions that support sustainable livelihoods. But our work doesn’t stop there. We assist with the entire project implementation process. That includes fundraising, marketing, and training.

Mobilizing Mining Investment

Through comprehensive environmental assessments and resource analysis, our consultants identify and advise on investment opportunities that generate sustainable economic growth. Our approach to value chain optimization take into account the social and environmental impacts of private and public sector mining practices.

Featured Projects

Guyana National Action Plan for Artisanal and Small-scale Gold Mining

GUYANA, 2019

Minerals Beneficiation and Competitiveness Strategy


UGANDA, 2020


These are just some of the services the Mining Practice at MutConsult offers. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you...


Community Interventions

Development experts know that the key to addressing obstacles often lies at the community and individual levels. For example, a specific focus on women and gender is one of the most effective ways to tackle skill shortages. The community interventions we plan and implement address critical social issues, including gender as well as poverty, and health and safety. 


Community Information Management

A participatory approach that incorporates formal and informal lines of communication is essential for development projects. Because of our deep background in ASM, we have first-hand experience with the challenges and nuances of communication between stakeholders. 


Technology Transfer

Technology transfer has the potential to resolve significant challenges facing the mining industry, such as rising energy costs, skill shortages, and overall productivity. We support advanced mining practices by facilitating interaction between academics, engineers, large mining companies, and small- and medium- sized enterprises.


Mineral Certification Audits

Mineral certification systems can help deter community harm and ethical production issues such as child labour and conflict mineral trading. Our consultants know how to navigate politically complex institutions to develop mineral certification systems for precious and semi-precious minerals. 


Feasibility Studies

Using our deep research skills, we can advise you on the chances of your project’s success. We conduct hands-on data collection, such as mine visits, as well as quantitative data analysis with our specialised software. Our experience is wide-ranging; from studies on the economics of specific mineral resources to evaluations of community health and safety interventions.


Skills Development & Training

Sustainable livelihood interventions often fail because individuals are not sufficiently supported through, for example, comprehensive tool use training. By emphasising practicality and results, we can help boost the effectiveness of your project.