Energy Consultancy

Energy Consulting


Institutional Reform

Our advisory services cover various aspects of reform, including policy frameworks, accountability structures, and education of key stakeholders (e.g. plant managers and public officials). In our analyses, we make a point of highlighting both theoretical and practical issues to improve the executability of policies. In concert with MutConsult's Climate Change Practice, we provide recommendations that help institutions take steps towards a low-carbon economy with renewable energy.

Globally, private businesses have overtaken government agencies as primary funders of capital for renewable energy projects. Modernising institutions, thus, requires engagement with the private sector. With our private sector experience, we are well suited to facilitate this engagement and apply the relevant facts to our analyses. Moreover, we have worked with government agencies in a number of countries, including South Africa, Mozambique, and Rwanda, among others.

Electricity Expansion

At MutConsult, we are dedicated to the enhancement of community resilience through the provision of electricity to people who don't have enough or have never had any. Recognising the parallel need to use energy responsibly, we provide solutions that always take into account the impact of urban development. Our experience implementing a number of projects that provide sustainable products for the disadvantaged, such as low-emissions cook stoves, demonstrates our commitment to delivering sustainable energy to rural and urban areas. We take a collaborative, participatory approach to ensure we deliver context-specific interventions that work.  


These are just some of the services the Mining Practice at MutConsult offers. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you...


Rural Electrification

Energy poverty exacerbates economic poverty. This is particularly true in rural and remote areas. We work with you to plan and execute electricity expansion projects. We specialise in hydro, wind, solar, and geothermal energy sources.


Energy Investment

Current economic forecasts suggest that increased demand for power in emerging markets will provide robust investment opportunities in coming years. Thus, investments in renewable energy can deliver strong returns, and may have the overall effect of helping to minimise the risks of conventional energy. Come to us to expore investment options that will benefit you and the planet.


Retrofitting your commercial or residential building can improve energy efficiency and reduce demand. Our consultants can advise you on the right methods for retrofitting. We work alongside experienced contractors to ensure high-quality assembly. 


Privatisation Advisory

Expert analysis has shown that different approaches to privatisation (e.g. "big-bang" vs. "go-slow") vary in effectiveness from region to region. With our global experience in five continents, we are well equipped to provide the kind of specific, tailor-made privatisation advice you need.

Energy Auditing

A comprehensive review of an organisation's historical and current energy use can save millions. We quantify energy use and identify areas for improvement. This allows us to make sound recommendations for increasing efficiency.


Maintenance Optimisation

The presumed high cost of maintenance deters some organisations from investing in it. However, in the long run, sound maintenance leads to better outcomes. We can provide you with new frameworks that optimise inspection procedures and improve maintenance decision making. Our insights can help you save money, and help you boost health and safety standards.