Climate Change and Mitigation

Climate Change Consulting


Climate-sensitive technology

Many methods for climate adaptation and mitigation involve some form of technology - materials, equipment as well innovative thinking. With our specialised knowledge in climate science, we work with clients in a variety of industries, including agriculture, mining and construction. As project developers and managers, our consultants work to drive the uptake of technology and implement successful projects. 

Low-carbon economy

To reduce the impact of greenhouse gas emissions, you must first understand the impact that they have. We assess carbon emissions and recommend procedures to monitor data more accurately. Armed with comprehensive assessments, we help you develop mesures to minimise the output of greenhouse gases. This is followed up with evaluations of the effectiveness of those measures. Our goal is to help all our clients be leaders in the collective journey towards a low-carbon economy.


These are just some of the services the Climate Change Practice at MutConsult offers. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you...


Feasibility Studies

With an evergrowing number of methodologies for addressing climate change, it can be difficult to decide which tools and methods have the most potential for success. By analysing the relevant factors (e.g. legal, technical, and economic), our team can help you make well-informed decisions for your organisation.


Natural Resource Management

Responsible management of natural resources means being able to provide access to resources we all need while still pursuing the goal of sustainability. We have experience creating solutions for water, plant, and land use management; for example, reforestation projects and commercial agriculture viability assessments.


Climate Vulnerability Assessments

Identifying climate-related risks and the people, sectors, and areas that are most vulnerable to those risks is key for developing countermeasures. We use primary research and downscaled global models to generate accurate, solution-oriented assessments.


Corporate Strategy

We recognise the high expectations that stakeholders have for businesses to stay competitive while being committed to social (and environmental) responsibility. MutConsult's Climate Change practice can help your organisation fulfil its obligations by identifying business opportunities that climate change presents, such as cost reduction through energy efficiency.


Carbon Trading Advisory

Among nations and industries, carbon trading schemes have proved to be powerful tools for meeting emissions targets. Our team can help you create a new income stream by advising you on registration, audits, and methods for emissions reduction.


Public Sector Engagement

Our team facilitates engagement between public services, communities and private businesses. We also consult with public sector services and assist them in implementing initiatives that help communities coexist with the realities of climate change.